We learn mostly by observation not just by class lectures and teachings, but by what we see, behold and observe, and that is why in the bid of creating a very industrial society, we must equip the mind of our youth early with effective and sophisticated physical structures, so that when they get to the labour market or start their own company, they will not run with a less standard than that.

The University environment speaks of the value and represent the spirit behind the existence of the University. All over the world, World Class institutions are reputed to have beautiful landscapes and glorious Architecture in common(Vintage or Futuristic).
Here are the top 7 universities with the most beautiful buildings.


1) Covenant University
Covenant University popularly called CU or Hebron is owned by the World Missions Agency presided by David Oyedepo. CU is founded on a nationalistic philosophy of David Oyedepo who says “It doesn’t have to be White to be right”, hence all buildings within the University were designed by Nigerian Architects. Most of the newer structures in CU were also designed by CU Architecture students.
Just as expected CU’s buildings are inspired by Judeo – Christian symbolism. A number of the Older CU hostels were built to represent the seven candles which was part of the many components of the Holy of Holies in the Old Testament, while the Newer hostels are built in the shape of a cross. One of the most notable buildings in CU is the Research Hub(no2) built in the shape of an Eagle.

2).  OAU
Obafemi Awolowo University fondly called “Oba Awon Unifasity” by its Student/Alumni community meaning king of them all.
OAU, though a FG owned University is situated at Ile Ife, the heartland of the Yoruba Nation. OAU’s Architectural design is Conspicuously and deliberately unique – with a vintage value. OAU named after a great sage and educationist, Obafemi Awolowo who had unarguably the greatest impact on the Yoruba educational landscape. No other University in Yorubaland represents what OAU represents to its people. OAU despite not being the first University in Nigeria was the first University in West Africa to Offer Pharmacy and Chemical engineering to students.
OAU first buildings were designed by an Isreali named Arie Sharion

Landmark university is situated in a Yoruba community in Northern Nigeria. It is the second university owned by the World Missions Agency which is the parental organisation that owns the Living Faith Church. Landmark was founded to create an agrarian revolution. LMU as it is called is so agrarian minded that ALL of its buildings are green! The University just like its sister University is filled with Architectural finesse – This is so because the Chancellor of both CU and LMU, Dr. David Oyedepo graduated as an Architect from Kwarapoly. He therefore as a ‘thing’ for Architectural masterpiece


5. ABU Zaria


7. Babcock University, Illishan-Remo Ogun State


9.  University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.

10. Afe Babalola University, Ado Ekiti

These school have understood the power of the mind and they had a good inhabitable atmosphere for the student to come and learn for their glorious future and destiny, this is incredible!

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