The Internet is vast and one of the most versatile place in the world today.

The Social Media as taken most part of the internet engagement due to the fact that, people love to connect with one another and with their loved ones.

As Beautiful as this can be, we must understand the appropriate and polite manner of utilizing this tools, because larger percentage of internet users are misusing it today a lot of explicit and offensive websites are listed on the web today and thousands of people visits this website daily at their own destruction.

The Social Media Ideology is not a bad one too, it as greatly improved our world, and we can not deny that, but it would better do more than we have seen right now, if only we can have more hands on deck, that utilizes it appropriately unto advantage and not disadvantage.

Facebook for example, hit 2Billion Users some few months ago, that is to tell, Larger percentage of the Internet Users today, run most of their activities on Facebook.

This is a big opportunity to use such a platform for great Value adding endeavors, that will bless the users greatly.

A lot of weird, cruel and unbelievable things goes on, on the internet today, and we must be very careful.’

So Shortly, let me go straight to our focus for today, Using the Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, YOUTUBE, Instagram, Reddit, Googleplus, Pinterest and others) to our own advantage and the rightful way.

Profitable and Rightful Use of Social Media;

1. Business : You can Build serious Business around the use of Social Media, if you are well acquainted with Social Media Marketing/Internet Marketing, Since there are a lot of People using the social media, you can make good money, create your own website and get massive traffic into your website/blog via facebook and other social media too.

You can also list your Offline Business online and get more clients, customers, patronage and make more sales!

For instance, Big Brand and Companies like Coca-cola, Shoprite and the likes, utilizes facebook and other social media to make their products known, easter egg bundles, Christmas slash down sales offer and a lot other stuffs going on in the company are been communicated via the social media, thus giving more people awareness about the offer and in return sales explodes!

If you are selling Frozen Food, you can still use the power of the internet and reach more customers and make more sales, people are interested in various stuffs, people are ready to pay good money and buy!

Perhaps, you don’t have a product, you are selling, but you render services, Graphics Design, Video Coverage, Barber, Dry Cleaner and co, you can reach more audience in your local area via facebook, Facebook ads works in such that, it makes it very easy for you to reach a lot of people all around the world and the ones living in your city.

A lot of Internet Marketers, Web developers, Bloggers and web Business specialist, use the social media as a weapon tool for growing their Business everyday and they make millions.

2. Church/Event Livestream : This is another potential and reasonable way of using the Social Media, i see a lot of church assemblies are waking up into doing this daily now  and its just beautiful, because Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of  God, so if we have millions of people on facebook, watching live services their faith shall be built up, as they watch the miracles and signs and wonders happening in the services live, the manifestation of the power of God, they will begin to develop fresh zeal for the lord, also, there are many of us, who heard about Kenneth Hagin Ministry and the mighty works of God in his meetings, but we were unable to attend any, and he is late now, but we can lay hold of many of his sermons and services videos on youtube and we still get blessed!

So, it is a very beautiful thing, to see many churches around the world today, live streaming their services on facebook, so that, people that are unable to attend the service due to distance barrier, can still be a partaker of he blessing just by hooking up via the facebook platform.

3. Networking : There is a lot of networking going on, on the internet, i remember a man who currently work with us, i have not been able to see him or meet him in person yet, but he we have deal in big amount of money together, he as helped me to get a lot of projects done online easily before also, and he is doing greatly well.

This is what happens when we build a network, facebook and other social media helps you to build quality network with people in your life, work, Business, career and those relationship can go a long way to help you get better in whatsoever you are doing.

A lot of relevant information can be communicated via that channel to you, i remember sometimes ago, that got an offer of 1 Million from a foreign investor who got to know about their startup on LinkedIn, can you imagine that?

A lot of good networking is going on, online today.

4. Making Money : Yea! There is a lot of Good Legitimate ways to make money on the internet, especially by engaging the power of social media, The Internet Works by the power of Information and Technology! Since, the whole world is on the internet, then, you can make any amount of money you can ever imagine, by utilizing the power of internet marketing in a reasonable, way, get to know more about making Money Online here.

5. Building Brand and Audience : This is mostly done by creating a facebook page, where people can come and like your page, get to know you and your Business and get updates from you daily, a lot of Business Brands, Personalities and Companies are using this tool greatly, and the beautiful thing about having a audience base is that, you don’t need  have a Business, as long as you have audience, people will reach you and pay you big money to have some of their products listed and posted to your audience, C. Ronaldo and many celebrities earn big money doing this on Instagram, they earn Millions of Dollars to promote products to Brands.

6. Campaigns and Adverts :  This is a lot more complex and is not done by ordinary social media/internet user, but you have to be some experience professional internet Guru, most Big Companies around the world today (FACEBOOK, GOOGLE, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER) earn most of their profits from Advertisement, so running various ads and campaigns are another medium of earning good income, especially when you are a brand, that run adverts for small businesses and campaigns for brands, political leaders, personalities and celebrities, you’ll make good money from it.

Now, I know someone else might say; Well, as for me, I just wanna be an internet user and not interested in all this Business and money making aspect of the social media, its all good you can also write quality information daily and ensure, your updates really and indeed Bless People around the world, its yet part of the reasonable way of using the internet, its disgusting to read news at times, i see updates that, in certain parts of the world, people tends to use the internet to commit suicide, and so all manner of evil, this is not what the internet was originally meant for!

When the use of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable!

Now, that you know the right use, go ahead and explore and make the world a better place!