I have been in a number of churches and i have seen so many things happening lately and that was why i concluded, i am going to put this article together.

Blessed be God, i was born into the move of God which was led by his anointed servant, in person of Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola, that is the founder of C.A.C, that is an example of who a true Apostle of Christ should be.

He is a man giving to prayer and he birthed revival in such a way that we will never forget in the body of Christ in Africa, Nigeria and the rest part of the world.

I decided to put this article together, because we now have many people in ministry who are just doing it in a disgusting way and at times, we even want to question their calling in the first place.

It is essential, that when God calls you, you understand why he calls you, what he wants you to do and how to do it, i am going to talk about calling and ministry in another article some other times.

Now, Today, I want to stress more on ” Church Growth “, no matter how anointed you are, you need a continually growing church, this is a major way you will be able to know, that you are indeed establishing the kingdom of God on the earth, and more people are receiving the Light of God’s word and having true encounter with God through your ministry.

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The work of ministry is not limited to church, just that church makes it a lot more easy to measure progress and also monitor the lives, destiny and salvation of the people, to the end that they are well taught, raised and equipped in the faith, till the fullness of Christ is formed up in them.

Now, there are many churches around the world today, that do invite celebrities, singers, musicians and even secular celebrities, just to be able to pull crowd, and make people come to their church, maybe not for their church sake but for the program, but in this article, we are not talking about those that come to behold the beauty and the content of your church, we are rather talking about those that come, get blessed, stay and be planted in the house of the Lord.

Those who are looking for a greener pasture, where they can stay and be fed the word of truth to the end that, it can be productive and profit them, The Bible says, ” They that are planted in the house of the Lord, shall flourish in the court of our God  –   Psalm 92:13  “.

So there are many people out there that are looking for a church where they can be planted and flourish, the question is, is that going to be your church?

Can you church receive them? Plant them and make them to flourish?

Now on the end of the church, i have been under various move of the spirit by privilege and have learn both by scriptural and experiential knowledge what really works!

The move of the Spirit of God and a sustained revival is what drives a continues church growth and expansion.

Where Fire is burning, that is where people will gather, just like the bible says, where the carcass is, the eagles will gatherMatthew 24:28  .

The house of God is essentially meant to be a center of solution to every situation of life, because GOD himself dwells there, he comes down and inhabit the atmosphere with his presence and his glory and that is exactly what draws men to him.

So when you want to command a massive church growth; you must be leading a move of God’s spirit, a fire of revival must be burning, that is why the Bible says; “ My House shall be call a House of Prayer  –  Matthew 21:13  “.

So Prayer is a major requirement for leading the move of God in any dispensation and jurisdiction, if your church is not a praying church, no matter the prophetic dimension, certain realities and wonders of God will not be visible in that church, For when my people pray and turn from their old ways, will forgive their sin and will heal their land.  –  2 Chronicles 7:14  “.

So a prayer Church is the only church that is permitted to break forth on every side, as a priest, you have the responsibility on your shoulder to make sure, every member of your church, is baptized and filled with the Holyghost with the evidence of speaking in Tongues, then you will be sure, they have the mind of Christ, the spirit of God is at work in them and they can travail appropriately by the help of the spirit, and birth the glory of God.

The spirit of God is what helps us to engage in consistent, persistent prayer, so every True Church of Jesus, must be a praying Church!

The key to Apostolic and Prophetic Revival is ” PRAYER “.

Now very essential to couple prayer in a revival, is to engage the Holyspirit for the right word, the word in season, Let is be that, when people come to your church, they encounter a true word from the mouth of God and they are changed, transformed and receive their desired break-through.

This calls for  lot of secret walk for the priest, but the church can also be charged to pray persistently for the rain of God’s unprecedented word to come and liberate everyone that appears before the Lord in Zion.

Our world is crying for Revival, and we have seen it happened in some church already, where they record extra ordinary breakthroughs, people are become filled with Faith and God.

This is actually a proof that it can happen anywhere, just for men to learn  the pattern and the ways of God to the end that they can make the glory of God to rest upon their tabernacle.

Another distraction i saw, in our days now, is churches trying to replace the potency of the spirit with excellence, Excellence is awesome, in a changing world that we live, no body wants to remain the same, with internet and technology today, quiet a lot of things have been enhanced in our church program and bring about a smooth running, but not withstanding, all of these can never be compare to the reality of the spirit of God at work in us, there is no technology devices anywhere around the world that have the ability to detect demon spirit, so we can not just be so engaged and carried away with technology and excellence, and we think, church will be well run ? No!

You are to preach the gospel and teach the faith, help someone out there to come to the knowledge of the truth, for ye shall know the truth and it shall set you free (  John 8:32  ).

Teach the pattern, set the souls of men on fire for God, let them have a craving, the gifts of the spirit and the fullness of the Holy Spirit, comes solely by a hunger and thirst for it, if your church members don’t have a craving and thirst for the the Lord, they are as good as dead!

If they can not give themselves to consistent prayer, the enemy will soon scatter the flock, the body of Christ was meant to be spiritually strong, God is a spirit, and we wrestle no against flesh and blood, so we can not afford to be carried away by physical things and leave the spirit out of the plan, may God grant you understanding in Jesus name.

Finally, every man that is called of God must press and pray earnestly for the anointing of the Holy Spirit, as it as been often said, the anointing is not what makes the difference, The Anointing is actually the Difference’ so when you as a Priest, carries the anointing, church growth will happen on it own, when people know they can encounter the power of God unto liberation through you, then Church growth will be a done deal, many people will come to the saviour through you, when i see men like Pastor Adeboye, making altar call for salvation, you will sinners from the far back of the church, running to the front to come and be saved, there is anointing that compels sinners for true salvation, but untill we stop desiring, the latest car and big houses ( there is nothing bad in all these actually) and start desiring a revival, a true and sincere move of God, there won’t be massive exploits in Ministry, as it ought to be.

Prayer : Father in the name of Jesus,  i receive the Grace to raise for you an healthy body of Christ, men and women who are truly on fire for you, usable for the master’s glory always in Jesus name!