Great counsel👍 Ok single gentlemen listen up, our Pastor is talking 🗣

“It is good to marry well. It enhances peace of mind. As a man looking for a wife or perhaps you are about to get married, take your time and be sure.

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Ask yourself, does this woman have what it takes to be a helper of my destiny? She can’t be perfect, but is she teachable? Are you also a willing and patient teacher? Are you willing to also learn from her?

How is her character? Is she nice to you and rude to everybody else? Is she respectful? Is she troublesome? Do the both of you understand what love and submission are? Is she hardworking? Is she spiritual? Has she located her vision in life and are you willing to help her achieve her goals? This doesn’t exempt you either because there is what you also must do in order for the best of her to come out so work on yourself too.

Be futuristic and look past things that will fade. Bear in mind also that your prayer for her is important. There may be changes along the way. Instead of getting angry at her, keep praying for her that God will give her understanding so you can enjoy peace and progress. When the scripture asks ‘who can find a virtuous woman’?, that’s a question that should be pondered seriously because in marriage, you will find that it matters 100%” – Excerpt from a Singles seminar by Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr.

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