Exemption is the quality of being prevented from experiencing woes, tragedy, pain; the quality of perpetual triumph.
One of the Kingdom Mysteries of Exemption is the “God-first Principle(Matthew 6:31-33).
The first key to Exemption is God occupying every space in your life.

This entails seeking and staying with God; gaining understanding of His ways and principles.

When you isolate God from other areas of pursuit; seeking Him wholly, all other things become added to you.

When you seek other things and leave God behind, you authorize darkness to wreck your life.


Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman

The economy of the devil is such that he occupies people with activities that prevents them from paying attention to God.

A step in knowledge covers up for years of foolishness.

This is why staying with God enables you intermingle with His Person and ideologies.

He teaches you His precepts, and trusting in Him will in turn, commit Him into your affairs.God is the door; access to all things. Following God wholly is not about perfection, but Sincerity.

The Holy Spirit responds to passion and hunger.

Your sincere pursuit of Him puts pressure on His reputation, and compels His response. Always remember, time spent in intimacy with God is proof of your love and passion for Him.