Every gang up of the enemy against your glorious destiny in Christ, enough is enough today; they are scattered by the power of God in the name of Jesus!

Concerning your health issues, enough is enough!

There is no irreversible case with God; therefore I decree enough is enough on all issues of concern to you in the name of Jesus!

Every affliction of the wicked on your life returns back seven-fold where they came from!
Whatever chaff that may have been planted in your system by the wickedness of the wicked; they are uprooted right now in the name of Jesus!

Today, every stranger ravaging your system, I command them consumed in the unquenchable fire of the Holy Ghost!
In the name of Jesus, your total health package is released upon your life today!

Your captors shall be beaten down before your face and brought down by the power of God in the name of Jesus!
Every siege over your spiritual, emotional, financial life that has held you in one spot, I curse them in the name of Jesus!
I decree your liberty now!