Whatever mark the devil has placed on your life, you will see them no more in Jesus’ name!
Your zeal for the Lord shall never burn out, the testimony of Christ in your life shall never diminish!
Anywhere the devil has displaced you from, you will be recalled now in Jesus’ name!
Beginning from today, everything is turning around for your good!

Misfortune has been pushed off your life today in the name of Jesus!
No more begging, no more struggling for survival!
There shall be no bad news from your family!
No matter where you are right now, God has ordained you to be a giant and you will in the name of Jesus!

This is your week of intervention testimonies!
Every testimony you have gotten will be permanent, no reversals in Jesus’ name!
Congratulations is what you will be hearing till Shiloh!
Your story is changing in the name of Jesus!
God will surprise you this month!