You are the temple of the Holy Spirit and every mark of the wicked on your life is removed right now in Jesus’ name!
Every bewitchment of the wicked comes to an end in your life today!
I decree the release of the breakthrough and the protective power in the anointing upon your life!
The yoke of barrenness is destroyed in the mighty name of Jesus!

The yoke of career and business stagnation is destroyed today in the mighty name of Jesus!
Everything that makes you shed tears behind closed doors comes to an end today.
Whatever represents poison in your body is purged by the anointing!
Any growth on any part of your body is removed!

Every terminal disease is terminated right now by the anointing!
Every manipulation of the devil making you disobey God’s instructions is over today in Jesus name!
Your mourning is turned to dancing!

No one will have to pity you anymore; God is showing up on your behalf.
#MCID #Shiloh2017