Every Word of God your way this Shiloh shall manifest in your life in Jesus’ name!
No more weeping, God is turning your mourning to dancing!
Every yoke of generational curses, curses of the wicked in your life, I command them destroyed today!
There shall be no evil occurrence before, during and after Shiloh in Jesus’ name!

No one will be a victim of accidents all through this Shiloh in Jesus’ name!
Everyone at Shiloh shall return with a new dawn encounter in Jesus’ name!
By the anointing, I decree your spiritual sight recovered in Jesus’ name!
Today, by the anointing, every physical blindness is healed in Jesus’ name!
Evil will never come near you again (Ezekiel 9:6)

There shall be change of status this Shiloh in the precious name of Jesus!
The year ahead, you shall be a surprise to yourself!
No barrier will be able to withstand you anymore!
Your eyes of understanding are now open!