Day 8

Godly marriage bestows beauty, #honour and #blessing on a husband and wife. So, we’re interceding for the #single ladies and men who are set for #marriage but who are yet to meet their life partner.

In the period before hooking up with a life partner, it is important to prepare spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Let’s pray that the #Lord will mature our single ladies and men to the point of readiness in every dimension necessary for a crisis-proof family.

#Pray that they will take #Holy Spirit-led steps and decisions, and not be led by anxiety or pressure.

Pray that they will wait with patience and focus on #God.

Let’s pray that the Lord will remove anything that poses as a barrier to them getting #married. Barriers could be spiritual but sometimes they are bad behaviours, character flaws, holding on to the past, etc. May the Lord shine His illuminating Word on their lives so that they can humble and yield themselves under God’s transforming #power.

Pray for divine speed for the men to find the ladies, and speed and clarity for the ladies to hear from God.

Pray that the Lord will match them with the right #spouse that will be a loving companion and partner. One who will enhance their destinies and bring out the best in them. Ask the Holy Spirit to cover them with divine #favour to make them attractive and give them divine wisdom to keep them in a worthwhile relationship.

We’re excited and we’re thanking God in advance because it’s going to be marriage testimonies galore this year in #Jesus name. AMEN!

Scriptures to meditate on:
Psalm 68:6; Genesis 24:34-52; Psalm 90:17


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