The latest ‘operation prayer for life’ of the ongoing ‘Wonder Double’ agenda came into effect this morning at the Covenant Hour of Prayer (C.H.O.P.)

Launching the twelve-week programme, Bishop David Oyedepo enjoined every member of the Winners’ family to invest one-hour minimum daily prayers which could be done at a stretch or in two sessions of thirty minutes each. Bishop Oyedepo said the beginning of any venture determines its end thereof and charged the congregation to take this first week seriously: “Father, we ask of you for a fresh outpouring of the spirit of grace and supplication upon every one of us, making this the most prayerful week of our lives till date.”

The prophet to the nations stated that every effectual and productively engaging Winner will experience the raw, story-changing and life-changing hand of God.

In his words such engagement would set the pace for the remaining 11 weeks.

Papa said today’s resumption of the evening daily prayer meeting slated for 6 to 7 pm, represents the needed coal of fire that would ignite every engaging saint’s private and personal prayer altar.

Teaching on a new theme captioned “Kingdom Advancement Prayer Is Every Believer’s Responsibility”, the apostle of faith anchored his message on Abraham the tireless servant of God who knew his master well and trusted Him.

He delved into prayers for increasing growth of the church after the order of Ezek. 36:37, Isa. 66:7-8 and 1 Tim.2:4.

Jesus is Lord.