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Prayer does not only change things, prayer changes people – Bishop Oyedepo

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Topic: Prayer does not only change things, prayer changes people.

Gen32:25-28. A change of name is greater than a change of circumstances.

No one ever make a difference without empowerment. Isa7:14.

It’s great to get things from God, It is greater to gain command over things.

The essence of prayer and fasting is empowerment. Ps. 63:1-2, Isa58:6.

It is empowerment that defines your level of spiritual authority.

Bishop David O Oyedepo

#Covenant Hour Of Prayer


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  1. wike

    February 21, 2017 at 1:44 pm

    Pls keep posting this till it deepen into every well meaning Nigerian let all they be law prohibiting every public office holder both him and family from traveling out this country be it education and medication watch how transformation will hit Nigeria

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