This picture is one of my Favourite, the appearance of God’s servant in this picture, will literally tell you, this man as touched God.

This is indeed an anointed man of God, his look shows and proves that he carries God, there is a look that can come upon you that tells people that indeed, you carry God inside of you, that was exactly what happens in this picture,


What do you think?

Its really great, but i guess, it was taken in America, not in Nigeria, and just like Bishop Oyedepo, its such a good thing to know that Daddy Adeboye’s son is also into Ministry, he’s a pastor and he is doing well too.

Blessed be the name of The Lord, its a thing of joy for you to know that you and your household are blessed, anointed and sold out to serving God and the interest of his kingdom always, by which you are bound to be a continual or an eternal blessing to humanity till the day of his Glory.