Shiloh is indeed a prophetic gathering, of course annually observed by the Winners Chapel FAMILY Live from the international Headquarters in FAITH TABERNACLE and been live streamed in all viewing centers and churches across the nations of the world.

This picture was taken in Faith Tabernacle, as usual we have the sons of the prophet in Attendance, talking about;

Pastor Sam Adeyemi, Pastor Paul Enenche, Bishop Ibiyeomie, now one of the old time friend of the prophet was also included in the picture, in person of  Bishop Francis Wale Oke, this is a lovely picture, because of the personality that are there and what God as done through the lives of this vessels.


Pastor Sam Adeyemi in Red Tie

Pastor Paul Enenche in Brown Dress

Bishop Ibeyeomie in Grey Tie and

Bishop Francis Wale Oke is in their midst in a Black Top.

We Bless God for their lives and we thank God for the lives of the Prophet himself;

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