It was a fire-filled down pour tonight, as we receive the fresh word of God from heaven, through the mouth of his servant, Bishop DAVID Oyedepo at the on-going Dunamis Kingdom, Power and Glory Conference, you will be Greatly Blessed!

Here are some of the photos from the Event;

Here are some of the exempt from Papa’s Teachings;

You are paying your Tithe to Jesus, Usher may Receive but you pay your tithe to Jesus. Still Now I pay my tithe.

Other Seed may bring blessing but its your tithe the preserved it. I have and am Still Paying my Tithe, you know why? Whether you pay it or Not, it does not Change God.

I am under an open heaven because I Pay my Tithe.

Lottery equals Mockery, Its the direction of God that leads you to your fruitful land.

Bishop David Oyedepo