This is lovely, when you are a father indeed, it will show by the virtue of your relationship with people and how effective and smooth your home and ministry is running.

Apostle Johnson Suleman, though a young man, is doing well and making waves around the world, and i bless God for his Life and Ministry, His marriage is an example of what a True Christian Marriage should be like;

This is sweet!
Pastor Lizzy Suleman posted some romantic photos on her Facebook timeline.
“It’s our 12th marriage anniversary. exactly dis time 12 yrs ago i said yes i do..i love u so much baby, my king ,my crown, and will always love u till Jesus comes..God bless d day u crossed my path.thank u 4 being such a lovely husband.”
They share some of this pictures online, and its just so lovely, see many more below;
This is the kind of couple and marriage lifestyle, I desire too.
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