Frank Edward Life is indeed a testimony and of a truth, is a prove of God’s faithfulness, because he started his music career both n Church and ministering in Gospel Concerts and other, but he as not been known, and the impact of his mum in his ministry can not be over emphasized, there is a lot of contribution that his mother has made for him in his life.

I remember, when he went to america and some folks said, he should stop using the name JESUS’ in his song, that he should rather, use the name “God” and they will give him offers that will take him far in his career.

God can however means anything to various people, some people’s God is their car, money, their wife and so on, so Frank Edward actually called his Mum and told her, the woman of God responded with wisdom, don’t answer them!

God so faithful, we all can see how far he as gone in his life today.

God is faithful….

See the Picture of Frank Edward and his mum below;

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