I so love this Picture, here we have three strong Voices in the Body of Christ in Nigeria right now!

The people you look at, determines whom you look like!

Bishop David Oyedepo is the SPIRITUAL FATHER of Pastor Paul Enenche and aswell, Bishop David Abioye;

Bishop David Abioye is the first Vice-President of the Winners Chapel Church Worldwide, he works directly with Bishop Oyedepo!

It occurs to me, that this picture was taken at the Dunamis Lord’s Garden building, which is on going at Abuja, their mother Church.

Pastor Paul Enenche explained, how he met his spiritual father here.


We are so blessed in this generation to have this great men of God, this the only hope f Christianity in Nigeria, men who can stand in the place of Spiritual and Administrative Power to keep the enemy back and keep the people of God advancing on every side!

There is about to be a new emergence of the Church in Nigeria, there is about to be a strange order of revival, the types and kind that we have never seen before!

God bless our fathers in the Lord!

They have given our generation such a great hope!