A photo showing prominent Nigerian clerics such as Pastor Enoch Adeboye, Bishop David Oyedepo and Pastor Wale Oke is sparking reactions among Nigerians online.

The photo was taken in the 1980s at a church programme.

See Photos below;

No wonder the bible says the young shall grow, all of them don’t look like it then, but now see where the lord as brought them to?
If you walk with God also, he will take you farther than your widest dreams!

This is yet another old photo of Bishop David Oyedepo and Bishop Francis Wale Oke, been a good friends, they have kept their relationship all this years.

Bishop David Oyedepo, Pastor Mrs Faith Oyedepo and Bishop Francis Wale Oke, back in the days

Bishop David Oyedepo, Pastor Mrs Faith Oyedepo and Bishop Francis Wale Oke, back in the days

There are some young folks who just entered ministry, and they are on the outlook to become like one of this fathers and generals of faith, well the good news is that the blessings, glory and prosperity you see in their lives and ministry today didn’t just come like magic, they worked!

They served the master with all their heart (and they are still serving even till today) they also by grace, build capacity in real spirituality and depth in God so as to be able to stand before God’s people and represent him well.

God as glorified them today.


God as made the Father himself, greatly honored!

I really want the young ministers to get it right, God will bless your lives and ministry but it won’t happen like magic, you will serve him and as he as promised, he shall bless your bread and water indeed!

The lives of these men is a proof of God’s awesome power and faithfulness.

Also to be christian believers all around the world, i want to encourage you to serve God diligently and faithfully, knowing fully well that your labour of love is never in vain, don’t just be a church goer, plant yourself in a certain church unit and serve the lord thy God there.

“If they obey and serve him, they shall spend their days in Prosperity and their years in Pleasure! – Job 36: 11”

It is vulnerable that God check your account in heaven and found out that you don’t any kind deposit or spiritual investment in his kingdom, may God give you understanding and grace.

Praise the name of the Lord!

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