A very caring, wonderful and compassionate sister whom I have known for almost ten years walked in to my office with a very worried and concern look. I was quick to ask WHY?
After sharing some personal issues, she asked me, PASTOR WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?

This is a million dollar question that I have asked myself in the secret place several times without a clue until this very morning when the Holy Spirit woke me up and said what is wrong with me is called ‘PROCESS’.

Process is when friends suddenly become enemies.

Process is when prayer seems unanswered.

Process is when trusted men desert you in the midst of battles.

Process is when people that have never met you believe all kinds of lies and rumours about you.

Process is when men judge you for what you know nothing about.

Process is when people you wish well and prayed for are seeking and wishing for your down fall.

Process is when God removes your hip and make you limp as if you are a weakling. Process is when men exalt your weakness and forget all your goodness. I can go on … but Holy Ghost

Unfortunately, if care is not taken during this painful process, one can become bitter, discouraged and disillusioned. As there will be either of these attitudes from people:

A. Some will be ready to ask genuine question ‘who sinned? This man or his parents?’ And some would conclude that it must be either ‘his fault or his parent’s’.

B. Some will stand with you in your process and some will desert you.

C. Some will pray for and with you and some will ‘play’ with your situation.

But the most important truth is this, IF GOD is involved in a man’s process, He will take you through.

Are you asking similar question this morning?

God will never allow men to gloat over you. Rejoice, the story will soon change!

Mockers will soon go out of Business!

Your testimony will be full.

Your trial and temptation are breeding ground for the miraculous.
Nothing is wrong with me, I am just going through the process, it will soon become Testimony.

Let me close with the word of apostle Paul, brethren please pray for us-1 Thessalonians 5:25.