Russia sex story by pastor Sunday Adelaja

Pastor Sunday Adelaja,� is the founder of the Embassy of God Church in Ukraine . Adelaja, spoke about� many controversies affecting him� including the most recent alleging he had sexual relationship with 20 women in Russia.

My Russia sex story by pastor Sunday Adelaja

What would you say ignited sexual accusation leveled against you in Ukraine?

First of all, the media is making too much noise about it. I was said to have confessed to some people in Russia about having sexual relationship with 20 women but I have not been to Russia in the last 10 years. It�s part of a conspiracy by some former members of my church leadership who, after hearing that I was leaving for Africa, decided to take advantage of the vacuum to gain for themselves temporary benefits. This is nothing new really. In the Bible, Paul spoke of similar situation. He warned that when he departed from his congregation, the wolves will come in sheep�s clothing to take over. To attain that goal, they are ready to do anything.

How were you able to scale the controversy and the other ones you were enmeshed in?

Just being focused on what I have to do. Jesus said by their fruits you shall know them. I just keep on bearing fruits, kingdom fruits. Secondly, I don�t see controversy as a bad thing. I see it as a propeller of destiny. To me crisis is just a traffic light on the path of destiny. So if you really believe in God and your heart is pure, all things will work out for good at the end of the day. Just be focused on what you are called to do.

How do you compare worshiping here with worshipping in your base, Ukraine?

First of all, whenever I come to Nigeria, my mission is not to start a church. I come for national transformation. I am more interested in changing Nigeria than starting a church. I already have a thriving church in Ukraine. My greatest achievement in Ukraine is not that I was able to start the church, but that God was able to use me to impose kingdom values on the society. It could be that I will eventually have a church in Nigeria, but God has to speak to me specifically on that.

You spoke like you may ultimately have a church in Nigeria. What makes you believe such a church will be accepted here?

Like I said earlier, my focus is not to establish a church in Nigeria. Church is not my focus, the kingdom is my focus. That is the mandate of God for me; to teach the Nigerian churches how to practically apply kingdom principles in order to bring change and transformation to our society.

We have many pastors who have been accused of sacrilege in Nigeria. What is your view about them?

When people fail, sin or make mistakes in life, especially when they are pastors, you must first of all think of how to help them and restore them, rather than seeking to destroy them further. Jesus said they that are without sin should cast the first stone. But when we know that we are all fallible, we have to extend mercy to others rather than passing judgment. This does not just pertain to pastors or ministers, all men must be treated with some amount of understanding.

What is your biblical definition of miracle?

Miracle is something that is beyond the ability and capacity of man. It is a solution that requires supernatural intervention.

Differentiate between wealth and religion.

Religion is the act of discovering and worshiping God while wealth, in particular material wealth, is a resource that God gives to those who know the laws of wealth creation. Wealth should be used to advance the cause of God on earth. Wealth therefore is a tool to pleasing God. It is a tool to be used to accomplish God�s intentions on earth.

When you eventually relocate to Nigeria, will you retain your church in Ukraine?

When I relocate to Nigeria, even though I will remain the Senior Pastor of The Embassy of God Church in Ukraine, I will not be involved in the day-to-day running of the church. I intend to face the work in Nigeria squarely and visit Ukraine occasionally.We have over 400 churches in Ukraine, and each one of them is independent. They have their own names, buildings, budgets and pastors. While each is led by a Senior Pastor, we have a board that oversees the network of the Embassy of God Church. It is that board that will manage the churches when I am gone.