Pastor Poju Oyemade shares on Forgiveness’ read and be Blessed!

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You must be grounded in the practise of forgiveness. Keep your spirit fit by spending time praying in the Spirit and confessing your righteousness in God. Many in ministry have become ineffective because they have been wounded somewhere by the words and actions of others and are bleeding within.
Nobody can damage your work from without but if you allow their words to injure your spirit, the work will be stalled. Ministry is like engaging in a sport, an injury will cause a drop in performance levels. Always forgive, learn this early because you will have a lot of forgiveness to do along the way – Poju Oyemade(Ministry 101)


  1. Gbenga

    March 25, 2017 at 6:43 am

    Many may not understand what you just taught , i’ve been wounded both physically and emotionally and mentally in the past, and it got to my spirit, it took me time to forgive, while I was holding unto the pain within, I lost my prayer life, lost my joy, but I didn’t lose the word, it got hold of me and now am free, unforgiveness is a poison, to our spirit soul and body, if anyone is hurt let him/her speak out to the elders in the house of God, the balm of Gilead is still at work through the Holy spirit

  2. Mark

    March 25, 2017 at 6:44 am

    Hmmm,I’m really touched by dis down-to-earth admonition.It’s not easy not to be offended,either intentionally or unintentionally by people around us.If we know dat when we refuse to forgive others,God our Father will not forgive us,then we must be determined by all means to forgive others. HOW? (1) We must allow d Holy Spirit to break us down (2)We must put on Love, becos it covers a multitude of sins!

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