I was so amaze when i heard Daddy Paul sharing this testiony on Sunday, I was so shocked, i never knew God is way beyond what and all that we can ever think.

Indeed he is the “ALMIGHTY”.

Meaning, there is nothing too big or too great for him to do, blessed be his name forever, Amen!

I want to share this testimony, because i believe it will edify you and strengthen your Faith in God and in his word to do all that he as promised.

God’s servant, Pastor Paul Shared this testimony at the 5th Service on Sunday, and i was listening to it, it goes thus;

Been our Month of financial breakthrough, God’s servant prayed for the church for supernatural favor and open doors for the people of God, reading from the book of Isaiah, a woman went home with Faith in her heart, and began to pray to God for financial favor, because they are about to deport her Daughter to Nigeria from America, due to inability to pay School Fees.

She slept and had a vision, where God’s servant (Dr Paul Enenche) came to her and gave her a number, and told her, call this man and tell him your problem, she woke up and by the help of God, was able to remember the number and wrote it down, the first and second day, she could not call the person, because she was afraid, of what to say, since she does not even know the person at al.

But on the Third day, she summoned courage and made the call, the person picked the call, and why questioning her, she said, my Pastor gave me your number, that i should call you, and the man answered,

“Who is your Pastor?

She responded, Dr Pastor Paul Enenche,

oh, that man that use to pray for Nigeria all the time? He asked,

Yes, She responded,

The conversation continued, do you even know whom you are speaking to? He asked,

No sir, She responded…

This is Governor of so so so….. State ( A muslim governor in one of the Northern states in Nigeria),

Now, what exactly do you want? He asked…

Oh sir, my Daughter is about to be deported from America, because we couldn’t afford to pay the school fee, due to the situation of the country,

So the Governor, asked… How much is the fee?

14 Million sir, she responded, and the governor requested for her Bank Account details, and sent 15million to her, without a fore knowing, she came out of that challenge just by this encounter with the Lord.

Our God is faithful, what can he not do?

He could even use a Muslim Governor for you?

Indeed the wealth of the Gentiles are mine.

Our God is so Powerful.

He can do anything and everything, for those who continually put their trust in him and him alone, he is their shield and buckler, they are never put to shame, he’s an incredible God!

No wonder, the Bible says, “They that put their trust in the Lord shall be like Mount Zion, that can not be moved but abideth forever!

To God alone be all the glory, I am using this testimony as a point of contact to pray for you and to charge you to be strong n the lord and to stand firm, he can do just anything!