The Essence of Christianity is One: Change into the Nature of Christ -Dr. Paul Enenche

“…One of the major assignments of any true Pastor is to tell people (the) raw truth.
Anything we do in church that does not end us in Heaven was a waste of life.

What is the use of the kind of miracle that the (blind) eyes are opened, and then the end is still Hell Fire?

What is the use of being in church and ending in Hell with those who didn’t go to church at all? Christian life that is unchanged is a useless waste of effort.

Every Church attendance that doesn’t change a person’s life is a waste of life. If your life is not impacting on your world; If people are not looking at you and desiring to come closer to God, If your life is not challenging people to become better, then you are wasting your attendance of church.

One of the greatest pains to The Father is to see unchanged children coming before Him all the time with their (horrible) character intact.

The Essence of Christianity is One: Change into the nature of Christ – Dr. Paul Enenche

Bear this in mind as you go to church today. One Word from God can change your life; and if you prepare your heart, you can catch that One Word today.

Have a blessed Sunday, and go to Church!


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Whatever we do in Church that does not end us in Heaven is a waste of Life, the reason why you are a Christian, is to convict the World of Sin and of Righteousness!

We are meant to market SPIRITUALITY and not Carnality!

We are meant to market God and not ourselves!!!

The Church is meant to rebuild the World and not the other side!!!

It is a great waste to come to church, all of our life and still end up in Hell Fire!

What you look at, determines what you look like, If you want to look like Christ, look at Christ!

The Essence of Christianity is ” Change into the Nature of Christ!” .

We are meant to become like Christ, every Church service should bring us into the fullness of the nature of Christ!

If your Life is not compelling people to come and serve God the more, then your Christianity and Church attendance is a Waste!


The essence of Christianity is packed with undiluted scriptural truth delivered with passion by Dr Paul Enenche


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  1. Oluwaseyi Ezra

    July 9, 2018 at 6:01 pm

    Indeed each passing hour of the day with the way things are now in the 21st century it prick me to bleed over the church and their leaders. My earnest prayer is to get to know this God personally and understand his divine word led by his spirit in me. God have mercy upon his church and his children.

    God bless you my daddy, I love this man of God because of his teaching of nothing but raw truth. More anointing like never before sir.

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