So, i had to just chill a while before i come up with a post about this issue, but i think, i eventually find the right time to write about it.

APostle Johnson Suleman is a man of God, young, vibrant, with fire in his ministry, and like we all know, he was a houseboy in Archbishop Benson Idahosa’s house in Benin city, so his love for God and the Ministry, was prompted by the mighty works and manifestations that accompanied the ministry of the Archbishop Idahosa.

To be sincere, i have been greatly blessed by the ministry of this man of God, not just the spirit of wisdom and word of knowledge, but true teachings and depth!

Real depth of the word, the revelation of the word of God that is been communicated in his sermons are mind blowing!

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Now, I consider him a life coach and a man with so much interest into the affairs of men and nations, i also know he is a strong prophetic voice, especially with how he gives many prophecies as regard to various nations, states, president, governors and circumstances, he is a great and a blessed man of God.

He held certain crusades last year, and there was great victory, lame walking, blind eyes open, miracles, signs and wonders were released from heaven, and it was a great time, he also gave some amount of dollars to the needy and the poor.

I also saw him really been consumed by Passion for the house of the Lord and the Kingdom of God, you truly can witness the passion for the kingdom of God in the live of Johnson Suleman, Omega fire ministries (which he is the founder) with the headquarter at Auchi, is doing great, and as been of impact to other ministries, churches and Christians all over the world.

We can not deny the true mighty works of God upon the life of Johnson Suleman, it is truly obvious that God is using him to do great works!

His worship and Word sessions as an apostle use to set me seriously on fire and passion for God, at times, i watch his services, praying in tongues for hours, he is truly and indeed an apostle of Jesus Christ.

But I want to hope, a close member of Omega fire ministries will read this article and be able to get it to God’s servant himself, I honor this man of God, I love him, i love his ministry and what God is using him to do, but i have to face the reality a little more in this video, please follow me as we progress in this opinion based write-up.

A man of God with an apostolic and prophetic mantle to the body of Christ, is a great blessing and whenever God sends them, it is always accomplished with signs and wonders, but the bible says, “Wisdom is profitable to direct”, it says, ” Get wisdom and in all thy getting, get understanding – Proverb 4 : 7“.

It is very essential that we stick to our calling, infact, i use to tell people, the works that are ahead of us in the kingdom of God, is so much to the end that, we can be so busy, that we wouldn’t have time for secular issues that much.

The level to which, we can stretch the kingdom of God to on the earth, is solely determined by our level of Love or compassion for God, David in the bible is a man who loved the lord and sacrificed so much for God’s, Kingdom, we should emulate this passionately lover, Apostle Paul is such a dangerous lover too.

Now back to , Apostle Johnson Suleman story, he is a great man, anointed and send as prophet unto Nations, but he needs to be mentored a little  more and he needs to submit a little more to spiritual leadership, the bible talks about ” Little Foxes, that spoils the vine – Solomon 2 : 15, this is exactly the case of Apostle Suleman, he needs to take note of certain things that makes for greatness in the kingdom of God, and that will make unbelievers to see you and they will be convinced that you have truly eat and dine with Christ Jesus.

As we progress, please don’t forget, that i have made it clear in the beginning of this article that, I honor and respect this man of God greatly, he is a blessed man and he is an anointed man for real, but he is not been orderly enough, for instance some of the prophetic words he use to deliver, they are too fragile and dangerous, and as a man of God, so as not to get yourself into trouble and so as not to mis-represent the kingdom of God, it is wisdom to be quiet about some things.

Pastor Adeboye is a man of God, that holds great relevance in the hierarchy of Spiritual Leadership in the Christian world today, and he is a man of great grace and influence, all over the world, not withstanding, he is such an humble man,  i have heard him several time, saying, it is not everything that the lord showed him that he can share with the congregation.

This is the first lesson, i want apostle Johnson Suleman to learn, The Holyspirit that works inside of us, is a custodian of wisdom and not foolishness, the Holyspirit gives us direction and lead us into ways we should go, the wisdom of the spirit is more than enough to avert destruction.

There are some political prophecies that apostle johnson suleman, as made in the past, that can cause (some of them have caused problems already) serious havoc, in the church, nations, cities, state and even government.

In this kingdom, we don’t try or strive to be relevance, we obey and walk in the covenant and as we do that, we gain relevance easily, that is the way it happens in this kingdom.

All that Archbishop Idahosa did, in his life time was a product of Fatherhood and Relevance, he had so much influence, in the kingdom and in the nations of the earth.

My Major Point in this article for Apostle, is that; ” Don’t be distracted off the KINGDOM ASSIGNMENT that God as given you, be focused there is a lot more you will achieve and benefit solely by the work of God that is in your hands, if there is a prophetic man in Nigeria today, then, we should consider Pastor E.A Adeboye to be a strong Prophetic man, yet he doesn’t get himself into trouble, there are many issues that we felt, he should talk about it, yet, he will not even alter a word, he is so filled with the spirit of wisdom, he knows when to pass a comment and when to be silent, this is what makes them “FATHERs”, I really wish that Apostle Johnson Suleman will be a lot more humble to be mentored, responsible and accountable to certain fathers of faith, this will go a long way to help secure and rescue him from destruction.

I have watched some of his prayers sessions, and they are strong, he is doing well indeed as an Apostle, but l think, its time he learn to be silent about some issues, it is not really a good thing when men of God are becoming Controversial, no matter  the situation, it is wisdom that we learn to operate  by the wisdom of God.

There are many ways, that Big Churches like Winners Chapel and some others have been of huge blessings and benefits to this nation, that is exactly how we gain influence in this Kingdom.

I remember a time in Kwara state, when the headquarter of Winners chapel is situated in Gaa Imam, and they tiled the main road by themselves, (worth millions of naira) and the imam of that area, had to come to the church and thank them for such a humanitarian service, and he pray that the church will continue to grow, this is how we gain influence, remember LOVE is the fulfillment of the law.

I watched the two videos, the one where apostle talked about somebody who called him and told him, he is now a target for Fulani Herdsmen, and i watched the one that has to do with when fayose came to rescue him when DSS try arresting him inside his Hotel Room, it would have been a sleep on our face, If Johnson Suleman was arrested, I know he is fighting for the right thing, but he is not an activist, he is a man of God, so there is a way we do the warfare in this kingdom, that is quiet different from the way, the worldly people do it, that is what makes us ” Sons of God”.

We are not ordinary, we are anointed, we rule by authority and unction, the release of just one angel from heaven can terminate the agenda of hell, and Islamic devils in our nation, we are not helpless people, we have the anointing and we have the Holyghost, we don’t secure ourselves, there is an angel watching over us, the Battle we are in, is not carnal, and that is why the weapon of our warfare too are rather, mighty through God to pulling down strong holds of the enemy – 2 Corinthians 10 : 4.

There as been many threats on the Life and ministry of Bishop Oyedepo at Canaanland Otta, yet he is rising above it, there was a time they kidnapped his daughter, and he said ” If i be a man of God, they will not cross my gate, lo and behold, the Kidnappers go to the gate and had an argument between themselves and they return the lady”.

This is the kingdom where we dwell, it is power loaded. You know that as an Apostle, no fulani herdsmen can get you, because he that keepeth Israel, slumber not nor sleep, God is for you and he is more than able to secure and protect you, you shouldn’t worry or take action because of what someone told you on phone or one threat somewhere.

Declaring that, Fulani herdsmen should be killed publicly on your altar is not good, its un-worthy of a priest and it can cause serious problem in the nation, considering the volume of congregation in the church, and those who also livestream on the internet and watching on Celebration T.V.

It would have even been better, if apostle told the church security officers to kill anyone that looks like fulani herdsmen around the church, rather than saying it on a live service,

The DSS Threat is a proof that, he is been targeted and many people have taking offense in his statement, we bless the lord for the intervention of Gov. Fayose, however, wisdom demands that he calm down on the issue of the nation, there is a level to which, we can dive and press into God that every member of our congregation are perfectly safe and secure by heaven.

This is the true system of dominion in the church age, we don’t fight the enemy physically, but we kill and destroy them on our prayer altar, knowing fully that the true and living God dwells in our midst.

I pray that God help Apostle Johnson Suleman to learn, submissive and be humble to the dictates of God’s kingdom and the church.

It is good that, Apostle Suleman should learn from a strong Apostolic and Prophetic move of God which is making great impact right now; am talking about Pastor Paul Enenche of Dunamis International Christian Center in Abuja, this is a man of God, who is strong and powerful, real and raw manifestation of the power of God, with fire in his bones, he is a man of God, really an apostle of Jesus, yet he is humble and submissive to the fathers, he honors the fathers, he is accountable and responsible, he can always seek for their instructions and directions, and this is helping his ministry greatly today.

He has churches in various nations of the world too and he is a Voice in the land, however, he does things with wisdom, Pastors are not to be controversial or political in any sense, they are ORACLES of God.

Pastor Adeboye is a man of God that l want to recommend for him, apostle should learn the humility of Daddy Adeboye, no matter what, don’t ever come to the Holy Altar of the Elohim with aggression or with some kind of emotional pain and discomfort, as a kingdom representative, you should know and understand that, decisions are not best made while you are angry let God guide you, no matter the number of Fulani Herdsmen, and Boko Haram in this nation, just a release from heaven can kill them all in one night, it happened in Egypt before and it can happen even again now, all our wrong and wicked leaders can see the hand of God dealing with them, if only the church will travail (pray), for the prayer of the righteous availeth much, i know we must put some system of security in place, but that is to be discussed in our meetings and in-door house not on the altar.

I pray God grant his servant, Wisdom and Understanding to be able to represent God’s kingdom appropriately for a longtime.

My prayer for Apostle Johnson Suleman is ” May you not be out of relevance in your Calling”.

#Written by a concerned servant of God and a lover of Omega fire ministry.