I love to share photos like this so that people can understand that bishop oyedepo didn’t just get to where he is today by magic, the actually started from no where, all of a sudden the glory of God was made manifest, however; they have been consistent with the lord even right before the Glory became so big like we all can testify.

Below is the throw back picture of Bishop David Oyedepo with his wife and Bishop Wale Oke in one of their ministrations. 

This is an undeniable proof to show that our God is indeed faithful.

Bishop David Oyedepo and Wife with Bishop Wale Oke

I believe God is faithful and ever faithful, and he is the same yesterday, today and forever, for every child of God reading this, i can assure you if you can manage that fellowship or small church well, God is ready, committed and dedicated to empower and bless it beyond your imagination, be dedicated, be faithful, that is how to attract the lasting grace and blessings of God in the work of God.