We are living to impact and transform our world, our generation is meant to be better and greater because we are there, if there is a man with such an enormous legacy and impact in his Life time, then we should talk about Archbishop Benson Idahosa, he is a great man and a blessed man.

And his life and ministry as continually been a blessing to Nigeria and many other nations around the world, we can not overemphasis the reality that as dawn on the Body of Christ because of the Archbishop, we are blessed and we are so grateful to have him, this was an old time photos of God’s anointed servant, the Archbishop Idahosa, ministering live at Holyghost Convention, hosted and organised by the inspiration of the holy one through Pastor Adeboye in Ibadan, under RCCG.

Indeed, the legacy of Idahosa speaks on and can never die from the face of the earth again.

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