One of the greatest men of all time, that as walked the face of the earth, with such a mind blowing impact and grace is Archbishop Benson Idahosa, a man of God, a man of Faith and power.

He is not  a denominational freak like we have so many today, he is a man mindful of the people of God and the kingdom of God, he is also a father to so many ministers of the gospel that we have in our world today, he as impacted so many lives, churches, community and nations of the world and till today, his impact is still yet speaking, the pictures below shows the time when Archbishop Idahosa was ministering in his church with Bishop Wale Oke and Bishop Oyedepo; its so interesting and inspiring to see this old time pictures, it as a way of bringing to our remembrance, the good work of Idahosa.

Archbshop Benson Idahosa holding bishop wale oke’s hand, and bishop oyedepo at the back in a white dress

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Bishop Oyedepo and Wale Oke’s most recent Pictures(2017)

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