I really so much love to write about my father, mentor, pastor, prophet and Bishop, it gets me really excited.

So much grace glory and power, i honor the grace of God upon your life sir and i asked that in the name of Jesus, the flow shall never seize, it will rather continue to multiply and be on the increase in the name of Jesus!!

For those who don’t like how i started this article, am sorry… This is my spiritual father and a major source of Grace and Oil to my life so, before i can write anything about him, i must pay the price of Honor.


Bishop David Oyedepo

Alright, so today, i want to show you my friends all around the world, notable things about the life of this great man of God, Bishop David Oyedepo, there is so much to learn, there is so much to know, i have written so many articles about him in the past, you can read all of them here in one Bishop David Oyedepo place.

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Bishop Oyedepo and His Wife Pastor FAITH OYEDEPO

I personally believe, Bishop Oyedepo is one of the major and trusted prophets of God. i mean “True Prophets of God” in this generation and dispensation, sent from God to us as a saviour, he stands as an oracle of life and truth, setting the captives free by the power in the name of Jesus and liberation the world from every oppression of the devil, by the preaching of the word of Faith.

  • Bishop Oyedepo as led many movement in this nation, with which i come to the conclusion of the fact that, he is more than a worthy leading with a special grace for profound manifold leadership Mantle.

This man of God does not just  preach and do deliverance and spiritual tasks, like we have other Pastors doing today in our world, he’s into so many arms to grow the church, the body of christ, the nation, the youths and our generation.

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He is currently the undertaker of the Liberation Mandate for this jurisdiction that we are in, he is also the founder of the Living Faith Church (as known as Winners chapel). he is also the Chancellor of Covenant University and Landmark University in Omu-aran kwara state.

  • Bishop is also the founder of Faith Academy (Secondary school) and Kingdom Heritage Nursery and primary schools, running fully in major cities, running under the supervision of winners chapel church in anywhere it is located.
  • Bishop is a Philanthropist and a vessel of Honor, this means, Bishop as been a great blessing to humanity in the normal secular system, yet he is an envoice in the kingdom of Christ! There as been records of instant miracles and healing and deliverance and even baptism of the holyghost on the spot with many people who comes across the sermons of Oyedepo, whether by tape in church or you watch his videos on youtube, they are life transforming grace!
  • Bishop David Oyedepo by God’s grace, i want to make it known that he is a successful man, he had extra-ordinary success in life, marriage and ministry,  isn’t that beautiful?                                                                                                 Image result for bishop oyedepo children                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Image result for bishop oyedepo children                                                                                                                                                                                                                        He had Four Children (  1. David Oyedepo Junior, 2. Isaac Oyedepo, 3. Love Oyedepo-Ogah, 4. Joyce Oyedepo ) and his Wife still alive today, doing well, bouncing in the holyghost and doing the work of ministry, the two sons are also Pastor in Winners Chapel Ministry.
  • Bishop David Oyedepo is consider to be the richest preacher in the world, with a net worth of over $150million, He’s indeed a blessed man, with so much resources at his disposal, so much grace, power and wealth, as a matter of fact, the wealth and prosperity in his life today was also mandated by God, he was going to ministry in America and while he was yet in the hotel the word of the lord came to him saying, David my son, get done to Nigeria and make my people rich and that was how the teachings and grace and power of prosperity in Winners began, Don’t be angry with Living Faith Church for been a prosperous church, its not by resources of money, it is by the anointing, God actually gave it to him.
  • Bishop Oyedepo currently stand as Chancellor of Two Standard Universities in Nigeria, which are “Covenant University in Canaanland Otta, Ogun state and Landmark University in Omu-aran Kwara state. The two University are part of the standard and development movement God as helped Bishop David Oyedepo to kickstart in the Education/Academic industry.
  • The Winners church has more than a network of 1,500 Pastors in various parts of the country and outside the country (Mission fields), and they are all well paid and doing well, there as not been a time when there is a delay in payment of workers, staff salary, it is always been paid timely, same for workers at the Two Universities, the leadership system of Bishop Oyedepo is really outstanding and i perceive Nigerian Government should rather come and learn from this man, because with him… everything is working.
  • How much is OYEDEPO worth?
    Oyedepo is the wealthiest preacher in Nigeria with a net worth of over USD $150 million. The church owns four private jets and several buildings around the world, including London and the United States.
    In 1981, Bishop David Oyedepo lodged in a local hotel in Osun State and there he knee down to give thanks and was instantly caught up in the spirit in an open vision, which lasted for 18hours, he saw a line up of people who have been beaten and battered yelling in tears, crying, and the sadness and sorrow was so much that even him join them to cry, All of a sudden, the glorious Voice of the lord came and said to him “The hour has come to go Liberate the world from every oppression of the devil through the preaching of the word of Faith, and i am sending you to undertake this task.  This is what gave birth to his calling and ministry today.
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    I must also say, there are mighty and strange miracles, healing and deliverance in the ministry of Bishop Oyedepo, to the end that the Liberation mandate call is really been fulfilled in the lives of many, some years ago when Bishop still holds crusade around the nations of the earth, especially africa, the workings of miracle and the move of the spirit in those meetings use to be mind blowing!
    I was watching one of the services at Canaanland two weeks ago and i saw how that a woman came to the church as a first timer, she couldn’t walk straight with her legs, and as Bishop was ministering he lead the church into praising God, and after the praise there were all kinds of miracle and healing, this woman’s case was part of them, she was healed instantly and jumped up to walk perfectly well and she was even running as a proof that she just got a visitation from the lord………………… Hallellujah!!!
    Also Last year,  the annual shiloh in-gathering prophetic convention of the winners family worldwide.

    There was a testimony of a particular woman whose body’s still have the materials, and medical tools of the operation she did many years ago, and some broken bones inside of her body, now she use to have periodic pains due to what is in her body, but the God of Bishop david oyedepo visited her, one day after the regular church outreach, and told her to go and lay down in bed for an operation, she slept off only to wake up and see those bones and medical metallic tools all removed from her body and now physically showing on bed without a scratch on her skin, it was really and indeed a divine Intervention, this is few out of the abundance of strange hands and acts of God in the winners family.

  • Faith TABERNACLE which happens to be the mother church of winners chapel worldwide, as been consider as one of the biggest auditorium in the whole world, with a 50,000 seater capacity, but right now, as at 2016, the church attendance is amazing, both the 50,000 seaters is filled and the overflow outside is all filled up with the heart of people seeking and panting after GOD. More than 400,000 people now gathers every Sunday at the feet of Jesus (Canaanland) to hear the word of God and be bless of the lord on Sabbath day.
  • Currently, the church is on the project of building (which as already started) FAITH THEATER, an 100,000 seater capacity church auditorium, which will look like an ark, with a rotating altar, a lift, the whole building will be fully air-conditioned, the entire 100,000 people can also be emptied out of the hall in less than 15mins with the sophisticated walk-way, it is describe to have 100,000 capacity seaters inside and 100,000 outside in the over flow.

Some of the pictures of what Faith Theater will look like when it is done can be found below;

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Image result for faith theater

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Related image

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Indeed, God of Oyedepo is a Great God; and the word of the lord is been fulfilled, “I will bless you and make you a blessing and in thee shall all the nation of the earth be bless!”

One of my Favourite Quotes from bishop Oyedepo is; 

“God is the doer of every good thing in your life today. It is dangerous to appropriate the doing of God to your person. Do not allow your position destroy you, like it did Nebuchadnezzar and Herod”.

Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, Pastor E.A Adeboye, Archbshop benson Idahosa, T.L Osborn are all spiritual fathers and mentors to bishop oyedepo, they have in one time or the other been a source grace and flow into his life.

Sam adeyemi, Pastor Paul enenche, Bishop Ibiyeome, Bishop David Abioye, Bishop Thomas aremu and many others consider bishop oyedepo a worthy leader and mentor in ministry.

We all bless the name of the lord, for greater works and exploits that he is doing in the life of Bishop Oyedepo and for the ones he will yet do for him and through him for this generation, blessed be the name of the lord.

Now even myself, that am writing this article, i must say sincerely ever since i started listening to the messages (Sermons and teachings of Bishop Oyedepo) which i must of the times download from Youtube to my device and i watch them, my life as never remain the same,  the giant spirit in me, as emerged and it as been a winning victorious life ever, it as been from glory to glory!

I give God all the glory to the life and calling of GOD upon the life of Bishop David Oyedepo.

God bless you papa.

Kindly share with friends and if God as used him for you at any point in time, kindly drop a comment below to share the testimony with the world.