It’s not enough to bé sanctified, it’s important to stay sanctified.

Judas was a sanctified apostle but he derailed.
Solomon prayed down Heaven but then he loved women.
It takes some demonic influence to have 700 wives and 300 concubines.

The man who built a temple started building shrines.

Solomon became an ‘Ifa’ man (Traditional oracle consultant in Yoruba culture ) .
He ended his journey as ‘vanity’.


  • Bishop David Oyedepo.

Now, I know many of you, have a problem with what Papa is explaining up there, I will make it a little more clearer here, because for you to truly and really understand Bishop Oyedepo teachings, you must be spiritual, I mean highly spiritual, with depth of understanding, what Papa here is simply that;

You can get saved today, that is not the end of your salvation, like The Bible says;

Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling ( Philippians 2:12 ).

So, after you got saved, you must take your Cross and follow Jesus, that is, living by his Ways, taking deliberate steps to please, obey and follow him, you can not conform to the system of the world anymore, you now belong to the Lord.

So many Believers have fall today, because, they thought, it all ends in salvation, and many pastors, also teaches “Once, Saved, is forever Saved”


This is not so true, if you are not carefully, working out your salvation (In righteous living, holiness, faith-lifestyle, word of God, serving and seeking the father, prayer lifestyle and many more spiritual adventures that keeps our faith blossoming ) you might lose the Faith.

I pray that you will not lose the Faith, we must keep our eyes on the Lord, so that we can receive that which he has for us.

Salvation brings you into knowing the Lord, and you must consciousness build a walk with God in order to stay saved, and meet the Lord on the last day!

That is how it works, who could have believed that, Solomon could build and sacrifice on a strange altar

A man who offered a pleasing sacrifice unto God, this is why we must take conscious steps and actions to keep our Faith on and on, for ever.

We must not backslide and we must not follow after other God, knowing the True and living God is the best thing, that can ever happen to a man!