A Nigerian Lady uploaded this video yesterday which has been making rounds, where she curses Stephanie Otobo for still trying to spoil Apostle Suleiman’s Image after recieving money in foreign currency for him.

She then used the opportunity to beg him to assist her, and that she doesn,t want a huge sum or G-Wagon, all she needs is a little sum to kickstart her business.

Watch Video below:


Even if Apostle Suleman would have for any reason gone into an extra marital affair, there are more chances he would have done it with someone whose proximity with him generates no suspicion.

The point is , a Pastor is more vulnerable to the ladies that surround him.

From record, Pastors who have either confessed to adultery or accused of adultery , did it with either their Secretary, church member or someone in their entourage.

If the Apostle has maintained a clean slate hitherto with the beautiful women who litter his church in Auchi in their tens of thousands, its difficult to believe that a stripper based at a location 6,618 miles from him would have trapped him so easily in her sex cage.

She even ridiculously claims the Apostle promised her marriage , who does that to a striper? With the numerous responsible, decent and Godly women he has access to.

And the media trial is another glaring reason to see that the said lady is on a destructive mission .

Without any shadow of doubt, this is a robust and tactical assassination attempt of the Apostle’s character.

Great men throughout history have had their names soiled in dangerous scandals.

But in the voice of T.D Jakes ” this too will pass”