• Nigerian Church Leaders Must Shun Hypocrisy In Their Leadership
  • ~Iyke Nwambie

The Nigerian Christians are crying wolf about the government legislating age and duration limits for the church leaders in Nigeria…Yet, some of the well-known church leaders in question have constitutions that mandate age limits for their associate pastors.

They recommend retirements for their associates at the age of 65, but the Nigerian government appeared more gracious at pegging theirs at 70…Lol…But why did those church leaders peg age limits for their associates in their constitutions?

They doubt the effectiveness of those associates at 65, yet they believe that divine calling is a lifetime call in their own cases because of the anointing.

Friends, hypocrisy has never been better defined!

If the church will do their bit well enough, they will not need governmental legislations to straighten them up.

For example, If the General Overseers do not need age limits because of the divine nature of the assignment, why should their associates need age limits? Is a calling not a calling? Does the anointing seize to function in the case of the associates?

Dr. Iyke Nwambie is a Minister and a Leadership consultant, based in Miami, Florida