I attended a ministers’ conference this morning where the host pastor taught on 5 Principles Of Ministerial Success…

He boasted about traveling round the world and preaching on hundreds of pulpits across the world. He spoke about how many cars he has received and how many houses he owns abroad.

Then he said he got there through the 5 principles he gave us which included aggressive networking. I can’t remember the others sef!. But I remember he asked for a seed to tap into the anointing that gave him success in ministry.

During offering time, I wrote this on a piece of paper and put inside the offering basket “coming here was a complete waste of time. I want a refund.” And I walked away after the offering.

That was the naughtiest thing I have ever done in a church ⛪.

I am sorry I did it but what do you expect from a zealous young woman who wanted to understand her calling but ended up in a self glorifying, mammon-centric, false success conference?

Today, I have some of the things he called success in ministry, yet I still feel like I haven’t started ministry.

I still feel like I need to know something about the finished work of Christ which I was called to preach.

I feel a craving to know something deeper about Jesus so I can effectively market Him to my generation. If cars, houses, traveling overseas and having access to multiple pulpits is success in ministry, then even native doctors can achieve that.

This thing of ministerial networking should not rob us of the sacredness of separation. In our pursuit of success in ministry, we network with obvious agents of hell.

We think we are smart but God sees the hypocrisy of our hearts.

Today’s concept of success in ministry is mammon-centric and should be despised.

Anything that is not Christo-centric is anti-Christo.

If you are in ministry to succeed, sorry, you were deceived.

This thing is not about success. It’s a spiritual thing. We are in this thing to lay down our lives if need be, just to tell someone that IT IS FINISHED.

We must tell everyone – the rich and the poor, the sinner and the self righteous, the greatest and the least, black and white, Indian and mixed, Muslims and Hindus, we must tell them that their Sins are forgiven and help them believe.


We must persuade men and women, boys and girls to accept Jesus as the only Christ which is interpreted savior, Messiah and deliverer.

We must make them look away from false deliverers and set their eyes only on Jesus until He be formed in them. If we do this, we would be successful even if we owned no car, no home, no visa, no marriage, no auditorium, for man shall not live by bread alone.

The naughtiest thing I ever did in a church happened to be the point I divorced the idea of success in ministry. Henceforth, my heart cry is simply “That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection”!

#Go to church tomorrow o

Written by Atinuke Akinlawon