The God of our Father, Bishop David Oyedepo is a True and living God.

I traveled down to Lagos last year February, for the first time with the motive of been under Bishop Oyedepo’s  ministration live with a passion that all that is working in the life of this prophet, i want it in my own life too.

I lodged into an apartment in Sango, where the uncle of my friend lived, it wasn’t easy because been the first time in Lagos, i was not so prepared financially, infact it got to a point whereby i had to call my parent and ask them to send me some money because i am broke, but all through my stay at that apartment, i was praying to the God of my father, Bishop DAVID OYEDEPO, I so desire an encounter with the prophet that will change and trasform my life, all the winners chapel churches o have attend, i can see the glory of God in the life of the resident pastors, and they often make it clear that their source is Bishop David Oyedepo and the encounters they have had with him is what powers the transformation we can see in their life today.

As an undergraduate, i have always know i have a ministerial calling, and i don’t know if it will be in winners or another church, but i desire the grace of God at work in the life of the prophet and this commission, so i attended the Sunday service, I attended first, second and Third service, and i knew that i had an encounter with God.

I was seating in the second to the first seat in the front, so i could see Papa’s face clearly, i could also feel the power and the anointing with which he ministers, I was overwhelmed, ” Oh How i wish, i was living in Lagos“.

I saw how much FAITH as been build in the heart of the members, and also I saw for the first in my life, the ” Dignity of Christianity” And what God can do with a man when he finds him, because Canaanland is an industry and a spiritual infrastructure (my own perception actually).

I desire to live for God and God alone, if God can make this happen through one man he finds, then if he finds me, he will use me for his own glory too.

I don’t have much money, we had to treck like one hour distance from the church, so that we can secure just one time transportation to the apartment in Sango.

Even though I don’t have money on me, i waited til Wednesday to be able to attend the mid-week service, which i did and i loved it, it was held at the Youth church, i was able to see Papa face to face (a lot more closer now), and i was so excited, i saw Pastor David Oyedepo Junior (that i have always seen on the screen from Oyo state).

I could just feel love and i could feel at home really, i knew God brought me to this church, and i was so excited to be here.

The Goodnews

On Thursday, i enroute back to Oyo state, and this year January, God as changed my Life, i traveled to Lagos, and i have been so blessed to the extend that i was able to afford a 3-night in a 5-star Hotel in Lagos, paid for the hostel an feeding fee comfortably without stress.

God of our Father is a great God indeed, I can now afford to travel by Flight easily,The God of Liberation Mandate is a true and living God.

The God of Oyedepo is a God the Bless!

Winners Chapel Family is a place to be, if you are not in winners and you are not connected to this comission, you are missing out a great deal.

All that you are toiling and struggling for, is been enjoyed here, come and see that the Lord is good.

Before i forget, one of the written testimony that was shared that day, was the story of a lady, who as been a prostitute for the past 20 years, and she desire to be delivered, got into the hands of some so called men of God ( who are actually men of themselves ) and what they did was to add even more to her problem and slept with her again, she said in her words ” I decided i was not going to seek any spiritual counsel or meet any pastor again“,  but fortunately, God of Bishop Oyedepo  was ready to liberate her, guess what?

She got hold of Papa’s sermon ” The SPIRIT of the PROPHET” and after listening, she gave her life to Christ and got the baptism of the Holyghost on the same spot and that was the end to Prostitution, she was set free forever!

The God of this Prophet is indeed the true and living God.

If you truly want to see God at work in your life, you need to seek him, it is not too much to take some time out in the year and go on a spiritual adventure of seeking the Lord by visiting Faith TABERNACLE in Canaanland Otta, you are surely going to return with an encounter that will turn your life around, there is a God in this place!