There as been a lot of accusation an attack against God’s servant, Apostle Johnson Suleman, which seemingly seems to be attack from the Pit of Hell.

And we know, no matter how and no matter what is been done to drag the name of this man into mud, As long as God is with him, he will always prevail.

There as been a lot of negative photoshopped pictures also to prove the allegation truth, but we know that the Oracle of God can not do such a thing, we trust and believe in the calling of this man of God, he’s a man with good heart and we know that God is with him, and most importantly, we know he loves God and fears God.

Now, fortunately, Mrs Lizzy Suleman as released a Video on youtube to prove this allegation wrong, and am so excited right now for the video that she released, this is to clear, the mind of people especially those who loves and trust Apostle Suleman, and are now been confuse as to what exactly is going on, with this man and his reputation and ministry,

Watch the VIDEO below and see what She says;

Now, we have heard from the closest person to Apostle and apart from the fact that we know and we trust him, we also heard from his wife, that he can not do such, this is man of God who is truly and indeed given to the cause of God’s kingdom, at least for those of us that are acquainted with Ministry, we know that the work is massive and there are a lot that God will have you do, as by his grace and mercy, to the end that his kingdom can be established on the earth.

I know that, God will help his servant and breakthrough is very near, no matter what, there is always Light at the end of the tunnel, your good deeds will never kill or sink, God is faithful, he will always prove himself, that’s why the Bible says “say to the righteous, it shall be well with him”.

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