The respected founder of Omega Fire Ministries International (OFM), Apostle Johnson Suleman, has come under fire from some Nigerians following his declaration the popular money doubling scheme MMM is satanic.


Apostle Suleiman had in a message to his congregation during a church service said MMM is satanic and that those involved in it are demonic.

“Go and check the founder of MMM. He was a fraudster in America; defrauded people, and that’s what you’re involving yourself in and you are a Christian, looking for easy way out. Many Christians have gotten involved. If you are involved in MMM, I have to pray for you today. It’s not of God. Any quick fix way for money is not of God because some people are being defrauded to enrich some other people,” the controversial preacher warned his members.

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He said any quick-rich scheme is wrong, noting that a quick business transaction like MMM that can brings a return of over 200 person, is not of God.

However, condemnation has trailed Apostle Suleiman’s demonization of the MMM scheme.

Some Nigerians sympathetic to the scheme say MMM is better than churches who collect money from their member without offering any benefit.

The aggrieved Nigerians called on Apostle Suleiman to reject the tithes and offerings that come to his church as some of the money may be proceeds gotten from MMM.