Do you knw with just 30 mature female rabbit and 5mature male u can b making between 40,000-60,000 naira?

If your answer is NO, Below is the cost estimate on how it works;

Capital for 30female and 5male.
35mature rabbit @ #4,000(bulk price)= #140,000

Cage 35 compartment including 4 growout for weaner= #80000
Feed (feeding only pellet) for 2months=21bags of vita grower @3300=#69,300
Feeder and other equipment assumed to be 10,000
Total capital for 30female and 5 male rabbit =#300,000
Income two months after u gt those rabbit.
Assume each female give birth to average kit of 6 each
:. 6 x 30=180kits
Allow 10% for mortality=162kit
Sell female for 1400 and male for 1100
Assume female of =65
:. 65 x 1400 =#91,000
97 x 1100=#106,700
Total income on first 2months=197,700.

Remember u still av ur cage, rabbit.
Let assume u r selling dem off
35mature rabbit @ 4000= 140,000
Cage = #50,000
Total= 190,000

:. #190,000 + Total Income #197,700=#387,700
#387,700-#300,000(capital) =#87,700(profit for 2months)
#87,700/2= #43,850 profit per months x 12=#526,200 annual profit.

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