This Video will give you so much Insight, Knowledge and Wisdom!

I have been following Prince EA on facebook for quiet a longtime now, and my verdict is, he is a loaded man, with such a great insight!

Today, He rolled out a new Video on Science, Nature, Planet Earth and some deep insightful History that everyone should know;

Watch The Video Below!


They are two Videos and here is the second One, Prince EA in this Second Video, believes Earth is a Living Organism!


The fact is that scientist cant Tell that the earth is 4,5 billion years old, because They have no prof for that 😊 they just set a Number for how old they “Think” the earth is .

So i dont believe that the earth is so old . of course , there was dinasours before us, and that is a fact , but again – scientists just sets a Number ….. nobody says that its true that they walked on the earth around 64 million years bc , when they could have been here 20000 bc or 50000 bc?

nobody can tell it as a proff, because humans dont live at the same period, so we cant be sure …. Always remember to be source critical.