There is no realization without perspiration, so give your dream all the energy and attention it requires.
Your faith without works is dead, if you believe you will make moves (James 2:28; Hebrew 7:7).
Success is not a destination but an adventure. It is not arriving at the peak overnight, it is making continuous progress.
Instead of waiting for your inheritance, you take steps and claim it in the name of Jesus.

Dr David Oyedepo.

Indecision is the graveyard of vision, no matter how lofty and promising the vision is. No indecisive man can be successful. Decision is the great seed of distinction.

If you will pursue your purpose and be persistent in the pursuit, you are sure to possess your desire — outstanding success!

Dr David Oyedepo.

Live your size per time, don’t pursue public image at the expense of personal damage.

Dr David Oyedepo.


I stopped receiving an income in 1987 but by 1990 I had my own self-paid accountant.

I had to make you start giving your offerings in envelopes because if you saw what I was giving, it would be scary.

The time is coming when many of you will not be able to give your offerings in envelopes.

Dr David Oyedepo.

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