List of New Small Business Opportunities to Start in Nigeria.

Nigeria is a Money and Business Opportunity World Bank, Nigeria is one of the best place to situate your Business and i have made it clear countless time, that there is a lot of Money, you can make in this country because of the population, now i have written a lot of Articles on Business and Start-ups on this Blog.

You might have to check out some of them here.

but today, I am giving out a List of 10 Profitable, Lucrative Business Venture you can start as a Nigerian and make crazy Money.

With our ever growing population, the rate at which, buying and selling takes place in this country is outrageous, and this brought about, Business Start-up and Business Development, which i believe is one of the best thing you can do in Nigeria today.

These Business are trendy and Profitable, they have  rich, steady and stable Market, and they can not be exhausted, looking at our ever growing population and economy, the market demand still out grows, the Supply and Production level.

1)Fish Farming Business

2)Broilers and Layers Farming

3)Snail Farming Business

4)Pig Farming

5)Dog breeding and Sales

6)Livestock Feed Sales and Milling Business

7)Processing of Maize,Rice,Palm Oil,Cassava

8)Cultivating Vegetables

9)Starting a Poultry Farm

10)Starting a rental Service Business

11)Okada and Keke Napep Hired Purchase

12)Event planning,Cake Baking and Decoration

13)Cement Business

14)Ice Block and Frozen Food Business

15)Setting up a Tutorial Centre and Private Coaching

16)Providing Catering Services to Schools

17)Day Care and Nanny Services

18)Establishing Self Empowerment Centres for Corpers and graduates

19)Selling Past Exam Questions and CBT Softwares

20)Starting a Private School or Computers r Training Institute

21)Make money from Sales and repair of PC and its accessories

22)Mobile Phone Sales Repairs and Charging Business

23)Development of Mobile and Web applications

24)Graphic Design and Printing Business

25)SIM Card replacement and mobile Money agents

26)Recharge card reselling Business

27)Android Games Development

28)Paint Making

29)Making Ankara Accessories, Beads and Wireworks

30)Unisex Saloon and weavon Sales

31)Body Cream and Liquid Soap Production Business

32)Producing Izal,Dettol and other disinfectants


34)Email and affiliate Marketing

35)Forex trading

36)Blog set up and Customization Services

37)Website and Domain name Flipping

38)Bulk SMS,SEO and Article Writing Services

39)Reselling Serviced on Fiver

40)Crypto-currency investment and trading.

There you have the trending Business right now in Nigeria.

You can start any of this today and say good bye to Poverty.

If you have any question, you can drop them below as comments.