Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, Daddy G.O as he is fondly called is the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church Of God.

He is Nigeria’s top clergy man respected in the church, government and all over the world, he holds a tangible position in the hierarchy of Spiritual Leadership in Nigerian Christianity and the Body of Christ.

He was born in a village called Ifewara in Osun state in the year 1942.

Growing up for him as a young lad was characterized with poverty and struggles but through determination he scaled through school despite the hardship. He got educated to the point of acquiring a PhD in Applied Mathematics from the University of Lagos.

During those days of hardship and poverty while growing up has a child he was privilege to witness an Anglican bishop visit their village in his shiny car and glittering shoes.

Cars and Shoes in those days were basically for three people: the traditional head, the village headmaster and the catechist.

But due to the honour given to that Anglican Bishop which including lining up of small children by the road, a parade of hunters shooting guns into the air as a form of honour he determined in his heart to become a Bishop and he ran back home making his decision  known to his mother.

Growing up continued and as divinely arranged by God he gave his life to Christ on July 29th 1973 and was baptized by immersion in September 1973 when he joined The Redeemed Christian Church of God founded by Rev. Josiah Olufemi Akindayomi.

Based on his newly founded life in Christ which birthed zeal and passion he started translating the sermons of Pa Akindayomi from Yoruba into English.

All these happened after he was ordained as a pastor of the church on September 14 1975 alongside four others.

In 1980 the founder of The Redeemed Christian Church of God died, a year later Pastor Adeboye became the General Overseer of RCCG. This caused a lot of controversy but was later formalized after the sealed pronouncement of PA Akindayomi was read.

After becoming the General Overseer, the first 3 years for him in ministry was on a part time basis because he was still lecturing in the University of Ilorin.

Moving into the fourth year, he quitted the lecturing job and started ministry on a full time basis.

Since 1981 till date God has been using him in diverse manner birthing liberation and breakthrough all over the world.

One of the major vision of daddy GO is to plant churches everywhere.

In the developing world churches were to be available within every five minute walk and in the developed world at every five minute drive.  One of the known programs of the Church is the Holy Ghost Service which holds in Nigeria every first Friday of the month at the Redemption camp at Km 46 Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

It also holds in London twice a year and in other region of the world.

One key teaching of Pastor E.A Adeboye to the church is taking responsibility; he believes that there is no impossibility in God if only we are ready to be responsible.

Another major service of The Redeemed Christian Church of God is the HolyGhost Congress which holds in December every year.

He is married to Pastor Foluke Adeboye Nee Osundahunsi and their marriage is blessed with 4 Children.

Daddy Adeboye is indeed a True Prophet with a prophetic mantle, he is a true general of Faith and Prophets unto Nations, he as lay his hands and imparted many lives, families, individual and ministries all around the world, Great men like Bishop DAvid Oyedepo is one of them.

The miracle and wonders of God in the ministry of Daddy Adeboye is more than enough to make anyone stand in awe of the power of God.

He practically recorded one of his sermons, that he as raised the dead over and over again, i also remember a testimony of a deaf and dumb, he ran to daddy G.O with a statement in her hands, written “I want to be healed”.

She ran to daddy and while the security while trying to stop her, so that other people will not come running the same way, daddy interrupted and ask her to come, she gave daddy the paper, and after the man of God was done reading, he said to her “Shout Hallellujah.. and she who was Deaf and Dumb, shouted Hallelujah, as a way to proof her healing as been confirmed.

I can not count the miracles and wonders of God at work in the ministry of Daddy Adeboye, they are so amazing, and unbeliever, i personally believe he is a man of God with such an amazing anointing, that makes God to hear him instantly he calls on heaven.

I also bless the name of The lord, that has empower his servant to not only teach and preach on HOLINESS, but to experience and live a Holy Life himself.

Pastor Adeboye is a die-hard Soul Winner, there is no where you invite him to come and preach, or he is previlege to speak, he will always make an altar call.

and to the glory of God, you see the volume of people rushing out to give their lives to Christ.

I must also emphasize the fact that, Pastor Adeboye is a man of Excellent Leadership and Humility!

RCCG is one of the churches around the world that currently has a huge number of Pastors and workers(Staffs), both on part time and full time, they are well paid and the ministry runs smoothly as a result of Daddy’s excellent in Leadership, he is indeed an anointed man, Bishop David Oyedepo many years, was instructed by the Lord to go meet Pastor Adeboye to lay hands on him to that the spirit of Wisdom can rest upon him, and that was the beginning of wisdom in the ministry of Oyedepo. In respect to Effective, he has hosted majorly, his sons in the work of ministry, and most of the people he as laid hands o bless, and many of them are doing well in Ministry.

Pastor Adeboye is a man of Encounter, he has had so many encounter with the Lord, over and over again and that is one of  the major reasons why he is such an humble, he is a blessed man, anointed and yet very humble, he goes on his way, honoring and serving the Living God.

I remember, RCCG TV Network as been broadcasting sermons, teachings and salvation call since i was in primary school, as a young boy, i am used to watching them on T.V and till now, to the glory of God, they are still in the good work of the ministry, broadcasting the Gospel to the 4-wings of the earth.

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