These names are often heard all around Nigeria because they both have taken big steps to becoming the best ecommerce companies in Nigeria and Africa.

They both claim to be the largest and the best ecommerce platform in the continent even though their sales figures are not publicly available for easy comparison.

The only way to determine the best is to check out which of them have or offers the best service delivery.

On a personal dealing with both of them and that of other people I’ve interacted with and with that I will tell you which one I would always recommend you do business with.


They both have good responsive customer care services, their workers try their best to help you in every inquiry you have to make and assist you where necessary even if you are not well learned and this is very good for business.

They’ve both improved on this over the years, although others may have different opinions based on different experiences with them.



The costs of similar or same products vary between both of them.

The prices of products in Jumia are higher than those at Konga.

A phone that costs 65k at Jumia maybe 62k or less at Konga.

Goods in Jumia are not always readily available.


This is where things really get interesting, I mean you just sit at home and wait for your goods to come to your very doorstep?

Common this is really a good improvement in Nigeria. They both offer a paying online option and a pay on delivery (POD) option which I would prefer for certain reasons.

Konga introduced their K Express(KONGA EXPRESS) some years back and this has really helped them get desired and purchased products to consumers at any location and has helped them rank higher, in my own opinion.

Jumia on the other hand, when a friend of mine ordered a particular product told him to come and get his item, and others have confirmed this same experience.

So, I would definitely choose KONGA anytime.


What’s your Experience with these Nigerian eCommerce Giants?

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