The Lord is amazing the way he walks, he does mind blowing things and whenever i am privelege to know any of those mind blowing,  i always take delight in sharing them on this blog, to the end that, someone’s Faith can come back alive and began to trust God afresh for everything and anything in Life.

While many people are experiencing a contradicting situation, the word of God stands firm and stands sure to the end that, it can change those situations into the standard of GOD, so that his name alone will be glorify.

Now, I want to share you a testimony that took place in one of Kenneth Hagin’s meeting many years ago, and this as to do with the word of Faith movement, Kenneth Hagin is believed to be a teacher and a voice in the word of Faith, he teaches Faith that works, as by the leading of the spirit, and God so bless his life and ministry, not just with the Anointing and Power but with financial prosperity and material blessings, so that they were sharing over 250,000 Faith Magazine daily for free in United States to help keep believers edify.

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Now to the testimony, on this fateful Day, someone among the attendees came out and said;

“Everybody give all that you can today, because my Wife and I are going to double whatever

you are giving to the Lord today.

Everybody got angry and were like, what do you mean?

Who the hell are you?

What do you think you have?

So it was like a contest and challenge, and people go ahead and gave angrily to God that day,

There was so much that they counted a total of 3.5million Dollars given to God in that meeting,

The man came out and said, Oh, I am so disappointed, so all of you gave just 3.5Million Dollars ?

and he further said, “I am giving on behalf of myself and my Wife, 7.5million Dollars to God today.

What!!! OMG!!! This is unbelievable, but the Bible says, the Lord loves a Cheerful giver.

Somebody might have want to say, is he made?

All they all mad in that meeting?

Why give so much to Church?

But like John D. Rockeller, will respond, “You call it, giving to Church, but I am giving to my God”.

This was exactly what happened that day, I hope somebody is impressed?

No wonder The Bible, says, “Wealth and riches are mine, saith the LORD, Durable Riches and Righteousness.

God is such that, when he finds a man that truly loves him and wants to be used, or who is usable, God can do just anything for the man and through the man to prove to the proud of this world, that Power and Glory belongs to God and God alone.

Kenneth Hagin, was just there, doing what God sent him to do, and the money are coming on their own, that is God for you, all that you need is right there in his hands, just do as he says, Obedience is what brings the Blessings of God.

May God help you to please him always with your Life and everything You have in Jesus name! Amen!