Trust me beloveth, demons are real, and they operate in the nation of our world and it is expected of us as a christian to be wise and smart enough to decode and detect and deal with them by the power of what we have been given, the Bible speaking in ” 2 Corinthians 10:4  ” Says the weapon of our warfare are not carnal but are mighty in pulling down of strongholds, so demons are one of the strong holds in our world which must be dealt with, if we must go higher than where we are right now and if we must download stuffs from the heavenly realm into the earth realm and appropriately understand the plans, precepts and purpose of God for humanity, the nation of our world and the time and season we are in currently.

Today I’d be sharing the experience of one of the fathers of Faith “Kenneth E.Hagin of Blessed memory’ with us,  he is  a man that walk with God so much, hear God’s voice frequently and consistently, he enjoy God, but today i really want to share one of the testimony of his encounter with Jesus and the spirit of demons.

 According to brother Hagin, Jesus could come into my room and speak with me and tell me what i must know per time, this happens frequently.

However, there was a particular day when Jesus was speaking to brother Hagin, in his room and the fellowship was smooth, and when this happens Jesus would reveal some mighty things in the scriptures to brother hagin, and one day Jesus was revealing some heavy duty stuffs to him in the scriptures and then a demon came between them and interrupted the conversation and He couldn’t hear what Jesus was saying anymore and Jesus continue talking, but Kenneth Hagin couldn’t hear him anymore, he expected Jesus to rebuke the demon spirit making the noise but Jesus did nothing, he kept talking and revealing some mysterious things to him however he couldn’t hear Jesus again because of the noise of the demon and at a point he was so vexed and annoyed, he was so frustrated so he shouted with angry – IN THE NAME OF JESUS, I rebuke you Demon spirit, and the demon stopped making the noise and get out and Jesus kept talking so he interrupted Jesus and say Lord, why don’t you do something?

– what! Do what!! You heard the demons interrupting the conversation and Jesus says I can’t do nothing here, You have the power and as it as been written in the scriptures – ” In my name they will cast out devils” so i have given you the power you are the one to utilize it, rebuke the devil and cast it out.

So you don’t expect me to do what you are suppose to do, what happen when you command the demon spirit in my name?

   It disappear, Kenneth Hagin responded.

So this is power we have in christ Jesus, the scripture says as many as have received him, to them he gave power to become the sons of God, for every believe, you have the endowment of power of God to rebuke satan and cast it out, don;t leave your weapon alone, don’t pout it aside unless the enemy will be harassing you. 

 So When Jesus says to Paul – “my grace is sufficient for you” what it means is that you can handle it, you have the divine capability to deal with the problems and confrontation that may come your way.

Be blessed in Jesus name!

Please share this testimony with others and be a blessing to their faith.