This is one of the best piece i have read in longtime from Kemi Oyedepo on Marriage.

I have always do well to follow her write-ups on Marriage, because they use to be very beautiful and useful at the same time, I have been blessed by quiet a number of them.


Today, she took to her Instagram page and wrote some article on Marriage and the its so inspiring and imoressive at the same time.

I am sure you will love it and learn from it.

“Listen, can’t say this enough – Marriage will test the fruit of the Spirit in you like no other relationship; it will test the love of God that you claim is in you 🤣Its a different kind of relationship and responsibility.

You literally have to join your life with another person’s and build a home from scratch. You have to be ready for your opinions (as good as they are) to sometimes be rejected.

You have to be ready to do A LOT of things you would more than likely rather not do. You have to think about how a lot of your major actions will have a direct impact on another person. Sometimes you even have to be quiet when you’d rather speak your mind. I mean you have to be ready to be inconvenienced and uncomfortable at some point. Phew!

It is work🙌🏾Anyone who says it’s a beautiful garden that you just walk or run through, admiring the scenery and picking up the flowers to smell is deceiving you to the core.

They forget to tell you that in this garden, the tilling of the soil, the planting, the watering, etc. is all on you! They forget to tell you that the state of the garden is in your hands.

Serious stretching is required! I exercise a lot and one of the things I don’t enjoy too much for some reason is stretching.

When I used to attend spin classes, the instructor would over-stress the importance of it. Stretching keeps the muscles flexible, and strong. I believe that stretching in marriage also helps keep our spiritual muscles flexible and strong.

The more the pride in you is tested (😆), if you’re really allowing the word of God to work in you, you’ll find yourself becoming more humble, etc. It actually builds you up spiritually too. When singles who desire marriage, claim to be the most amazing people, I often laugh and tell them marriage will be the judge of that.

The amazing thing is that as “trying” as marriage may be, as much as it pushes you through a compulsory growth process that may not be enjoyable at the time, it adds some of the greatest values to you and brings out the treasures in you, if you’re willing to go through the process with a good attitude” – KO @theoyedepojnrs #marriage #light #wisdom

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