I often like to sit down with my babies at random times and sow seeds of encouragement into them. A few days ago… I called them from where they were playing and said, I just want you to know this – “Never… ever… ever… entertain thoughts about yourself that God (your Maker, Creator, Father) isn’t thinking about you!

Everything He says or thinks about you are good. He acknowledges your shortcomings but he sees where you should be and He is ever ready to give you all the help you need to get there.

If anyone (no matter who) tells you anything contrary to what your Maker has in mind, it belongs in the TRASH CAN.

So when someone says something that God hasn’t said, just throw it like this (Throwing something away) and dump it in🤣🤣🤣 They found it so funny, said “okay mummy” and ran back to continue what they were doing. I heard them talking about my “joke” as they played with each other.

🙌🏾Funny enough, since that day, I’ve been meditating on what I told them and each time I think about it, it boosts my esteem and gives me so much joy to be assured that my Fathers love beats any other love out there. I want you to know this too.

No matter the flaws you have, don’t beat yourself up; there’s a reason why He’s called the Potter!

Acknowledge that you need to work on some areas but don’t accept negative seeds into your heart.

Keep searching through the scriptures and meditating on what you find.

The more you do, the more you’ll change into exactly what He desires – His image😉!

– Kemi Oyedepo #light #thegreatlight #keepwalkinginthegreatlight#2corinthians318 #goodgoodfather #helovesyou #hethinksgoodofyou#begintothinkgoodofyourself #loveyourself