Wow! So we should share a little more God’s servant, Apostle Joshua Selman, of ENI ” Eternity Network International”.

Well, for those who don’t know him, i think it will be good if you do yourself a favor to get down here and read about him.

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Some folks asked me, Is Apostle Married?

Well, He is not yet Married!

But, do you there are a lot folks who searches for this question on Google everyday?

I only wonder why, and hope its not ladies who are busy desiring to marry him.

I know, God will settle him soon, as he progress even in the works of Ministry, he will also progress maritally, God is using him to do mighty things right now in the body of Christ, a lot of quickening are happening especially in Universities, so many souls are been set on fire for God!

Dangerous revival fire is been ignited!

We give God praise for his life and Ministry.