Iron Shapens Iron – Proverbs 27:17

Bible Verse: Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend – Proverbs 27:17.

Praise The Name of the Lord forever and ever, Amen!

We see in our Bible Verse, the word of God showed us the medium of Spiritual refueling and Re firing, and this is very essential for God’s People, Iron sharpens Iron, if you are an Iron, stop moving around with Woods.

It as been confirmed that the kind of Friends we keep determines where we end our lives, and that is the reason for that Wisdom saying;
“Show me Your Friend, and I will tell you, who you are”.

Friends and People we keep around us matters a lot when it comes to where we end our lives, it is a major factor, and that is why the Bible is admonishing us to be watchful of the kind of friends we keep, fortunately from this verse, we can see there is a specific recommendation for us, and that is, keeping Friends that sharpens our Countenance, how does this applies to our lives?

If you are a Faith person, find a faith partner, if you are a Praying person, find a prayer partner as friends, you can not be moving with someone who is Carnal and your Spiritual Velocity will be increasing, their Carnality will definitely rob off on you and this will affect you greatly.

Wisdom is profitable to direct, we live in a very Carnal and Perverse Generation, it takes a lot of Wisdom to make the most of our Spiritual Adventure because many people are loosing out in Life and in God daily.

As a Believer, it is terrible t keep Unbelievers as closest friends, you two don’t share the same ideology, the same Faith, the same Mentality, they can contaminate your believe and conviction, and this is your greatest asset, For the Bible says’ “Ye Shall Know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free” you really need to specifically check those that you hang around with, some friends will pass comments that will keep your faith and your ideology, that dream you have been long living for, they can shut it down by the words of their mouth, this is disastrous, you need to take time out to carefully check and select your friends and those you keep around you!

If you want to be Spiritually sound, walking with God and living by his ways, then you must find those that are spiritual and keep them as friends.

Have a Prayer partner and those whom whenever you are together, will keep you greatly edified and spiritually nourished!

You don’t need everybody in Life, you just need those that truly matters to your dream, vision and agenda.

And the company you keep, determines what accompany you, for instance, You can not see Peter and Judas moving together, they don’t share the same ideology ad their assignment is not the same, so also you can not see, Thomas and John walking together, so keep the right company that will enable the right influence upon your Life.

Great Men like Samson fell because of a evil company like Delilah, the influence of your friends and the company you keep is not small in determining the level of Destiny and Height of Life you can climb, we must be sensitive, discerning and carefully select those whom we walk with, in the fulfilling of your assignment and purpose on Earth, there are certain company of people, God as ordained for you to accompany you in making that Vision a reality, pray to God and ask him to bring your way the right company of People.

God bless you.

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