“Go and relive Shiloh 2016 messages: someone came from Cameron for Shiloh 2015 but after the impartation service, her status didn’t change from HIV positive to negative. She decided to lock herself up with all the messages from Shiloh 2015, after two weeks, she went for a check and HIV positive changed to negative.
Nothing works like the Word; you can relive any prophetic word of your choice at any time. So let this festivity period be a season to relive Shiloh 2016 messages so you can be part of this era of exemption and it shall be so in the name of Jesus.”


“Know that all our scheduled services for the remaining days of this year still remain this same: we have added 15mins to our Sunday services and next Sunday service will still be 3 services. WSF still holds on Saturday, Believers’ Foundation class holds on Monday 19th December, 2016. Be reminded also that the earlier announced Praise Night for 31st Service from 6pm to 9pm will now be a Cross-Over celebration night. Under this prophetic service, showers of blessings will be released on you and everyone is coming under same prophetic umbrella into 2017.”

“Everyone will be exempted from this coming holocaust and horror;
Everyone travelling this period is covered by the blood of Jesus; everyone is returning with glory and colour; no attack against anyone in this family will work; every arrow will return back to sender in Jesus’ Name.”

Bishop David Oyedepo, Sunday December 18, 2016

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