After a season of silence, tonight, the LORD instructed that my silence be broken..

The state of The Church in Nigeria grieves the LORD, not just because of the pain, but much more because we have STAYED PROUD! (Ps 40:4) Is her GOD distanced from her?

Is her GOD weak against her adversaries?

If her GOD is with her, the why is she defenceless?

These and many more are the questions that I traded with the SPIRIT, during my seasons of silence..

What FAITH have these “Men” taught?

Faith in GOD for material gain, which does not include security?

The body of CHRIST has been sold a dummy, ( ).

Declarations from, straight from the Human mind and we think GOD can be tricked into backing them up? (Lam 3:37).

These “Men” overestimate that which they have built.. They raised members, not warriors in The SPIRIT.. Members that cannot face death on the altar of their faith in GOD..

When we were younger, The Name of JESUS and The Blood of JESUS was enough to rout the adversary, times have changed, a Generation has “consciously” been built not to know GOD, so that men can be worshiped.

It is time for the Church to return to her GOD, to embrace the outpouring of the Spirit of Grace and Supplication; that men again may look upon HIM that was pierced (Zach 12:9-10).

Time to descend from lofty palaces and to begin to mourn in repentance (Is 2:11; 2 Chr 7:14). The GOD of Jacob still defends (Ps 20:1); The GOD of Jacob is still our refuge (Ps 46:7)